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Transparent Printed Bobo Balloons for Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Any Other Parties

Transparent Printed Bobo Balloons for Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Any Other Parties

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Printed bobo balloon

This is Plastic Bubble Balloon. It is also called the BOBO balloons or Transparent Bubble balloon.

Together with a message for the occasion and with some accompanying balloons the bouquet makes a great personalized gift or decorative addition for a memorable event.

We are delighted that we now sell Bubble Balloons! Bubble Balloons are very different to latex balloons. They are made from a clear stretchy plastic (not latex) and once inflated are perfectly clear (even Diamond Clear Latex Balloons don’t have the same transparency). They are also a lovely round beach ball shape. Bubbles are the ‘go toââ‚?balloon for large elegant events and weddings due to their magical transparency, they look particularly glorious with a tassel or garland attached to them. Bubbles are also widely used to pop out of a box when delivered as a gift (as they not only look great but are durable enough to travel by post inflated).

Generally, you can usually only find Bubble Balloons in the hands of Balloon Professionals and Events Decorators as being so unlike standard balloons make them a little trickier to deal with if you don’t know how, but with a few simple tips and tricks we can show you how you can DIY your own gorgeous balloon and inflate it at home.

The bubble balloon is 20 inches. The large size balloons give way to mammoth decorations for a grand occasion like weddings & engagements or any outdoor celebration with many people. It adds to the charm of the event.

Bubble Balloons look amazing filled with confetti, feathers, foliage other little balloons but be warned they have a very small opening in which you can insert things. Strips of torn tissue paper, long feathers, even foliage and flowers as long as they are very narrow, can be inserted into the balloon before any air is added.

ââ‚?20ââ‚?Bubble will hold 3grams weight including its string

If you exceed the above weight, then your balloon will not float so always weigh everything that you plan to insert into or attach onto the balloon.

Please note that confetti will not stick to the sides of the Bubble Balloons (like with latex) anything that you add will pool at the base of the balloon. Any weight added to a balloon will affect its ability to float when filled with helium, fill sparsely and check that it is able to hold the intended weight firstly or it will not float

To blow up balloon:

Like with any balloon you inflate with a balloon pump.
You can blow by mouth however you may get some condensation doing it via mouth so I recommend a balloon pump.
You can also use a electric pump or helium tank depending on what effect you are after.
To stuff balloon:

To stuff at home without a balloon stuffer: You can use a funnel or a funnel made from rolling a piece of paper or card.
Or you can use a balloon stretcher tool
Or of course you can use a balloon stuffer if you are wishing to stuff with larger things, there are ways of making a DIY stuffer if you search online.
The message is cut out of sticker material. You can choose your font and the color of the sticker. The message can also be uniquely yours. And this all can be ordered just one day before collection or delivery.

Balloon stickers for occasions like birthday and anniversary are also readily available to peal and stick.

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Compact and efficient. Love the features.


Love these! my wallet doesn't hurt.
We also love the color assortment.

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