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Reusable Blue Led Water Clear Bobo Balloon Ideas

Reusable Blue Led Water Clear Bobo Balloon Ideas

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Imagine your birthday or wedding being illuminated with these beautiful LED balloons in the evening. What a wonderful atmosphere this would create and how surprised your guests would look. 

The balloons can be either filled with helium or air. If you want them to float in the air, helium is need. If you fill them with air, then sticks will be great match. 

Need balloon sticks? Click here to purchase

bobo led balloons birthday party decor

The perfect decoration for birthdays, weddings, or just for home!

We recommend especially for weddings and birthday parties bouquets of at least 10 balloons. So the LED balloons look even more beautiful, as you can see in the pictures above.

It looks especially impressive with 10 balloons per bouquet. This is, for example, beautiful for a marriage proposal or if you want to make someone very special a gift.

bobo balloons birthday wedding party decorations

You can combine all the colors with each other. The discounts are available on all color combinations in your order. 

This promotion with a quantity discount will only be available for a short time!

The LED balloons are also perfect for larger events. At city festivals, festivals or concerts these balloons are often bought for. But not at our special price! So be quick and get it.  Use our special quantity discount, which is only valid for a short time!

These balloons are made of high-quality natural latex, which is non-toxic, transparent, beautiful and durable. 

Reusable LED balloon aka Bobo Balloons
Perfect for any occasion such as weddings, celebrations or birthdays
Material: natural latex

Package includes:  18 inch bobo balloons & Led string lights
Size: 18 inch
Adjustable continuous light
AA Batteries are not included

The balloons won't reach 18 inches until they get inflated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Eleanor Rodriguez

Used these LED balloons for a company event, and they were a hit! The LED lights added a vibrant touch to the decor, and they looked fantastic in photos. Highly recommend for anyone looking to add some flair to their corporate gatherings!

Scarlett Green

These LED balloons were a game-changer for my sister's bridal shower! They added an elegant touch to the decor and made the venue look stunning.


Absolutely outstanding service! This company sets the bar high for excellence.

Clara Watson

Absolutely stunning! These LED balloons added elegance to my celebration.


Outstanding quality and exceptional value. Couldn't be happier with my purchase!


    Each one of our LED Balloons will reach 18 to 20 inches; the led string lights include 30 LED bulbs.


    Our LED Balloons can hold air up to 7 days without leakage.

  • Brighter Bulbs

    The premium LED bulbs on Balloons are 20% brighter than our competitors.


    Our LED Balloons are made of environmentally friendly latex which is odorless, durable, and recyclable.

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    We have a team of support agents ready to help you 24/7.

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Easy to set up!

1. Prepare a bobo balloon.

2. Stretch the balloon horizontally and vertically.

3. Inflate the balloon using a helium tank or other inflating device through the inflation inlet.

4. Inflate the balloon until the wrinkles on the sides are fully expanded. Slow down the inflating speed when the balloon reaches 13 inches in diameter.

5. Twist and tighten the balloon 2 cm away from the inlet.

6. Tie a knot at the gas inlet.

7. Inflation range: 18 inches (about 40 cm).

8. Wrap the LED string around the bobo balloon.

No Helium? No Problem!

Our LED balloons perfectly match with our balloon sticks, allowing you to place them anywhere you like. No need for expensive helium – simply set them up and enjoy!


Do I need batteries?

Yes.  Each LED Balloon requires two (2) AA batteries and they are not included with purchase. 

We also have an updated edition which has batteries inside. You can click here to purchase.

Where can i use these led balloons?

Our LED balloons are perfect for indoor and outdoor events, including parties, weddings, birthdays, festivals, and other celebrations.

How long do led balloons last?

Our LED Balloons can hold air up to 7 days without leakage. If you fill the balloons with helium, they will stay afloat for about a day.

Is helium nessary for the led balloons?

No. If you want them to float in the air, helium is need. If you think the helium is too expensive, you can choose the matching balloon sticks, which will help the balloons stand.Click here to purchase.

How many led balloons come in a pack?

Our LED balloons are packaged in sets of 10. Each pack includes 10 balloons and 10 LED light strings. You can order in multiples of 10, such as 10, 20, 30, and so on.

How long are the string lights?

Each string light is 10ft long with 30 led bulbs. If you fancy longer string lights for the balloons we also have string lights in 16ft.Click here to buy!

Is there any instruction?

We will include an instruction with your package to help you with the setup process.

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