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Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles Glow Stones Rocks for Walkways

Glow in the Dark Garden Pebbles Glow Stones Rocks for Walkways

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How cool is a night stone that looks like a pebble! These eco-friendly luminous Garden Pebbles require no electricity and look absolutely stunning during both day and night. They glow in the dark and will add a magical ambiance to any outdoor space. Decorate your garden path, walkway, backyard, bird fountain, or flower beds!




Main Features:

  • Provide safety of passage when no light source is available
  • Durable and weatherproof with a long service life of more than 15 years
  • Made from Luminescent Material and Synthetic Resins
  • Non-toxic, safe for your flowers and plants
  • Ideal decoration for pathways, gardens, lawns, backyards, driveways, edging, flower beds, vases, aquariums, fish tanks, swimming pools, etc.
  • Available in Blue and Green




Product Size Length: 2-3cm/0.78-1.18inch
Width: 1.27-2.54cm/0.5-1 inch (Irregular Shapes)
Product Weight

100 pcs pebbles: 210g/7.41oz

200 pcs pebbles: 420G/15oz
500 pcs pebbles: 37.05oz


How to Use:

  1. Exposed to daylight or a light source for glowing in the dark effect
  2. Turn off surrounding lights when night falls
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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews

Functional and efficient. A fantastic purchase.

Sassy Sally

These are pretty awesome, I'm not using them for my gardenBut I did do the steps of putting them in the sun for an hour, and they glow with light So perfectly, you could totally use this for decorating anything, not just gardens. I love how easy they are to useAdditionally the package comes with so many, you can decorate quite a few things with this,June 1


Oh my! I am so happy. Will order more. Want to fill this space. Well worth the cost. Put them right out in the sun. Can't wait for darkness


Really fun for outside or inside! Children love! I hide them outside and let the children have what they find! They are not hugely reflective at night however. They do glow but at a distance it can appear subtle. In pure dark they are brighter.


When I brought these inside after they were delivered, the whole package was glowing! I am using these for garden projects this spring and I can not wait to use them. Fast and friendly shipping! Rocks are solid and good size as well.

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